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Rules of Membership

I.  QUALIFICATIONS:  Applicants must agree to abide by the Ragdoll DNA Registry By-laws and Code of Ethics.  Candidates may become a member by mailing a completed Membership Form. Payment may be made by check, Venmo, or via PayPal. Individual Ragdoll Cat Registration with the Ragdoll DNA Registry is subject to DNA confirmation from UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory, and/or Optimal Selection by Wisdom Health, as well as Board approval. A Ragdoll Cat will not be registered without a paid active membership. To register a litter of Ragdoll kittens, the sire and dam must be registered with Ragdoll DNA Registry. If the sire and dam are not registered, then the owners of the sire and dam must submit a DNA sample to the aforementioned orgainizations for DNA profiling. A litter may not be registered without a paid, active membership. Cattery registration with Ragdoll DNA Registry is subject to DNA confirmation and Board approval and will not be registered without a paid, active membership.  Registrations for individual Ragdoll cats, litters and catteries are for life. 

II.  FEES:  Membership fees are required:

     a. Pet Owner:  $20 Annually

     b.  Breeders:  $200 per year to be listed online with link to your website; Renewal of membership of $25 is required annually.

     c.  DNA Registered Breeders 15% Discount:  $510 for three (3) years when combined with your cattery registration and includes your cattery                      listing on the Ragdoll DNA Registry website.

      d.  Cattery Registration: $35 for Lifetime Registration.

      e.  Cat Registration:  $20

      f.  Litter Registration: $15

III. DUES:  Annual Membership fees must be submitted with completed application.

     a.  Each applicant for membership must apply on the Registration Form as approved by the Board of Directors. Applicants must agree by written consent on the application to abide by the Code of Ethics and By-Laws of the Ragdoll DNA Registry. 

     b.  Applications will be reviewed by a membership committee and approval, or rejection, will be communicated to the applicant.

     c.  Applicants for membership who have been rejected may not reapply for a twelve month period after rejection.

     d. Membership shall not be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, nationality, sex, religion, or sexual orientation.

      e. ALL purebred Ragdolls (pointed, solid, mink, sepia, silver, smoke in  seal, chocolate, blue, lilac, red, cream, tortie, cinnamon, fawn, and white) are eligible to be registered with the Ragdoll DNA Registry. 

IV.  CANCELLATION:  Membership will automatically terminate when a member does not meet the membership qualifications, or is deceased. The Board of Directors may cancel the membership of any member who no longer possesses the qualifications for membership in this registry by a vote of not less than half of the Board of Directors at a meeting called for that particular purpose. Thie guiding principles for this meeting are delineated in the Code of Ethics. Prior to taking any action, the member will be given ten days written notice of such  pending action and will be provided an opportunity to answer to the Board; furthermore, Board action shall be final if no appeal to this registry is taken and the Board determines the member is in violation of the Code of Ethics and By-Laws. 

V.  DISCIPLINE:  Any member may be suspended due to misconduct that is disparaging to the Ragdoll DNA Registry. Negligence will consist of a one year suspension period and gross negligence will carry a two year suspension period. Any member may be terminated from the registry as stated in the cancellation guidelines. Any person that is terminated from the registry concerning the Code of Ethics infractions may reapply for membrship to the registry after a period of two years.

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