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         Welcome to our website, the Ragdoll DNA Registry. We are a registry that utilizes DNA verification for Ragdolls for registration. We are in the process of building an international Ragdoll phenotype-genotype map and genetic health database where we list true Ragdolls with proof of ancestry. Peruse our website and learn how this exquisite breed came into existence. Through the establishment of a genetic signature for Ragdolls, breeders may use DNA testing as a tool to ensure that Ragdolls remain a genetically distinct breed that is differentiated from others, as well as be confident in parentage due to DNA verification, and assured that the felines in this program are of optimal genetic health, or at least made aware of latent mutations that are present. Only responsible breeding programs will be considered for membership where information pertaining to registered Ragdolls’ genetic health is known and accurate pedigrees are guaranteed. The Ragdoll DNA Registry will provide undisputable, factual data on our Ragdolls and the data shall be used to reduce the prevalence of mutations in our felines with management over time with the goal of eradication of these negative mutations from the breed; additionally, parentage will be assured. According to UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory:

“Parentage testing identifies individuals that qualify as a parent for a particular offspring. Accurate parentage testing requires breeders to identify possible parents. A good application for animal parentage testing is verification that the dam is correct and which of the sires on a particular farm (or cattery) are the actual sire. Finally, it is important to remember that while parentage exclusions are 100% accurate parentage qualifications are not. The accurate of most animal parentage tests is greater than 99% when both parents are included in the analysis and drops to around 95% when only one parent is included in the analysis…to prevent erroneous parentage qualifications, breeders need to submit samples of all possible parents when first requesting parentage verification. If more than one sire and one dam qualify as parents of an offspring the laboratory can then test with additional DNA markers to sort out the actual parents.”

It is for these reasons, that DNA testing, providing genetic markers for each registered Ragdoll within our organization, is required for membership. To reiterate, the primary and most important requirement for membership is that breeders must submit genetic markers, and/or detailed DNA parent verification information, from the pre-approved veterinary genetics laboratory of UC Davis Veterinary Medicine.  

A Link to their website and approved testing facility is as follows:




Breeders might also consider participating in TICA’s, “State of the Cat Study,” a partnership of TICA and Optimal Selection & Genoscoper R + D Teams by Wisdom Health:




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